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How can we help your business as a consultant?
The TaylorGo Company specializes in improving agency relationships with corporate partners and providing businesses or public figures with strategic marketing plans and content. Through cross-collaboration and true organizational alignment we create strong strategies, restore relationships, and build plans that optimizes company resources.

  • For Agencies:
    Partnerships aren’t always easy.
    1. Improved Relationships: We help agencies with strained corporate relationships rebuild their corporate partners’ trust and business. 
    2. New Business: We aid account management teams land the account. Our consultants work with pitch teams to ensure they are aligned with corporate expectations and competitive. 
  • For Businesses and Public Figures: 
    The TaylorGo Company provides content, positioning, partnership and overall marketing strategy services for:
    1. New businesses looking for guidance on how to enter the market brand/marketing wise
    2. Established businesses in need of a project consultant or new marketing direction
    3. Any business looking for content ideas and development.


The TaylorGo Company’s founder 20170923_124600
My name is Courtney Taylor. I’m a corporate marketing strategy consultant and have worked across various industries throughout my 10 years of post college experience. Daily, I strategize and develop marketing strategies, content and partnerships and lead market research efforts for Fortune 500 companies and emerging businesses. Now, I’m also helping agencies rebuild relationships with their corporate partners as a private consultant. 

All of the processes and strategies are built using 4 core tools: (1) creativity, (2) cross-organizational/functional collaboration, (3) data driven marketing strategies, and (4) customer driven marketing content. These tools have been tested, corrected, proven and have continuously developed through my marketing roles at Fortune 500 companies such as Delta Air Lines and Capital One, and serving as a consultant to startups and non-profits. Although I do believe experience is the best teacher, I also hold traditional marketing degrees- a Master of Science, Marketing, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing- and have taught as an Adjunct Marketing Professor at a private university.

Cross-collaboration and organizational alignment is what I use to not only create strong strategies, but to also be effective while saving the company resources. I look forward to working with you and building strong relationships, marketing plans and companies. 

Need Help Building your Business? Email ctaylorgoco@gmail.com for agency, content, Partnership and marketing strategy consulting.


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20161002_101307What can our blog do for your everyday marketing needs?
This blog ( and all of our content) gives expert perspective from a corporate and startup marketer, teacher, and professional customer.

Good resources and perspectives oftentimes get lost in priority shifts, politics, and corporate culture. Nevertheless, business goals must be met and marketing is expected to execute  strategies that drive bottom line goals.  How those goals are met typically depends on the amount of resources available to the marketing department. Both the Fortune 500 and startup companies our founder has worked for have had real marketing issues, regardless of budget or team size. Unfortunately, the newer and emerging brands, struggle due to a lack of resources including dollars, intel and manpower.  We’re here to help all. 

The TaylorGo blog focuses on calling out marketing and organization issues, best practices and in-depth insights (that smaller companies may not have time to sit and work though) and provides guidance that can be executed upon quickly or contributes to ideation. While all topics are presented from a strategist’s point of view, it is delivered with the entire company in mind. The TaylorGo Company promotes cross-functional work and cross-organizational alignment in all aspects- it’s how the company truly wins.

Hopefully these posts will spark something somewhere, even if it’s simply a conversation among your team. Join us as we go!

Need Help Building your Business? Email ctaylorgoco@gmail.com for agency, content, Partnership and marketing strategy consulting