Same ol’ same! The same commercial. The same email. The same tweet. The same sign. When it’s new you MAY pay attention to it but when it’s old it quickly fades into the background. Sometimes we are so busy investing resources into the other areas of our business that we forget we are becoming less attractive and relevant.

When communications/marketing is so repetitive, it becomes stale and is just in the way of what customers want to give their attention to. Some companies make things worse by significantly increasing the frequency of the stale communications to see if customers will be more apt to engage. Increasing frequency can work in some cases but it’s not my leading recommendation because you can go from slowly losing your target’s attention to immediately being added to their spam/unfollow/ “look past it” list.

Please note: Stale communications and marketing should not be confused with branding. Consistency is expected with branding, but marketing should always make me go “ahh” or “okay” at the least. If marketing doesn’t make me react, it stopped working or it never worked →This is still okay because there’s still a lesson to be learned (hopefully you catch it before it causes attrition/decrease in sales or customer spend).

What is my leading recommendation? Create a library of creative when you’re looking to launch any campaign. You don’t always have to recreate the wheel with new bells and whistles. Usually, creating different angles of the same campaign allows you to better connect with sub-segments of your audience and hone in on the greatness of the various features/benefits of one product/service/event. The best part about various angles??? It’s another way to understand what best connects to the audience that makes you the most money and is likely to become loyal or repeat customers (by setting up the right monitoring and metrics). Also, a creative library helps you save time and money, because it’s created at once and you can pull from it whenever you need to without kicking off a new project for  “re-versioning” (money savers are your best friends). PLUS, if your angle happens to tie in with something time sensitive, you’ll already be prepared.

Marketing is like a relationship of any kind, spicing it up keeps customers on their toes and excited about you. A little spice may take a little more effort but it’ll help your competitive advantage and keep your customers around longer (because they’ll be so freaking excited about you others will pale in comparison!).

~CTaylorGo for your Brand and Product Marketing Strategy Needs.

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