20150328_132931My uncle and I were strolling around Georgetown (DC) and we noticed some unique business signs. These signs weren’t unique because of design but because of the personality and tone of their words. These words caught my attention and made me check out the restaurant/shop to see what it actually had to offer. Mission accomplished!

Do you insert your actual personality into your Brand Voice? Or is it just full of advertising lingo and “I care about you/choose me” cliche’s?

Simply put, your Brand Voice is how you express yourself through words consistently (or at least it should be consistently). Even the largest of companies must take time to determine: how they want to be perceived with every word they write; how customers will engage with them while reading their emails, signs, and letters. Brand Voice can even appear in your customer service- How should your employees sound and what should they say when interacting with customers?

redeyeSmall and emerging businesses can sometimes be so focused on “checking the box” to implement text book marketing methodologies that they forget to ask “What is it about my personality that makes me unique and connects with customers?” ←That’s SUCH AN IMPORTANT part of your business.  You cannot be so focused on creating a solid competitive advantage for your actual product or service and forget to create one for your Brand → those are 2 separate, but equally important, parts of a successful business.

How can you start to find your Brand Voice and what should you do when it has been found? A few things come to mind:

  • Get a second opinion: Sometimes you can’t hear what’s special about the way you sell yourself, interact with your customers, or just WHO YOU ARE. You can be blind to your natural self so bringing in help is often the best way to get started with creating a Brand Voice that can be seen as a competitive advantage.
  • Clean it up. Match it up. The uniqueness that may add to your Brand Voice will likely still need to be refined to be suitable for businessexamples:
    • People may enjoy you being uncensored, but being too uncensored can be unprofessional and offensive to your customers
    • Your sweet voice is what makes people feel comfortable around you but it can also be what makes people overlook you or try to take advantage of you
  • Try it out! Every new marketing initiative should be a test, even if there is tons of research backing it (unless it’s a simple regulatory or business change). You don’t want to put anything in place for a long period of time without knowing if it’s helping or harming your business. Make sure you pay attention to how people are responding to your voice and make changes if needed.
  • Put it everywhere. Once you’ve locked down your Brand Voice and determined it’s a winner, it should show up EVERYWHERE. The success of your business does depend on consistency, in product/service quality and approach. Create guidelines for your team to follow when creating any customer facing materials.

A great product is awesome, but what happens when the salesman is dry or the sign does nothing to pull me in? Possibly nothing. Don’t chance that possibility, it’s not worth the loss.

In today’s world, your brand is who you are- So who do you want to be?


consulting.CTaylorGo@gmail.com for your Brand and Product Marketing Strategy Needs.


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