It’s Friday and it’s 6:40 pm. I’m rushing out of a cab at JFK airport to catch a 7:00 pm flight (thanks NYC traffic and a stalled E train). Impossible? Yes, however, I was NOT missing that flight. Wearing a business suit and my Pumas, I hauled my butt to the Delta kiosk, pleaded to strangers in the never ending security line and ran to gate B46 (which felt like B80 due to the restaurants that now seemed pointless and in the way). Even with my Pumas giving me the ummph I needed to swerve through crowds, yell “Watch out! Watch out! I’m on the left! Excuse me!”, haul the heaviest carry-on bag ever, and re-energize after slowing down to breathe- who knew if I would make it. I’m not in shape. I’ve NEVER been a runner. I still had complications in my foot from a 2013 surgery. Last week, I was running a fast as grandma power walked………….. I MADE IT! (with 5 minutes to spare). 

It was a total Puma commercial in the making…. (tell them to call me).

How many “you won’t believe this” stories are people telling EVERYDAY that center around yours or your competitors’ product? Without knowing it, people are praising your product, even if they are only focusing on the outcome of the story and not the enablers. Find out these stories! Find out these situations and the feelings they evoke and the reactions they get! These things create targeted marketing campaigns for you! They tell you exactly what customers are experiencing and how you can speak to, relate to and engage them!

Wait…DON’T MOVE! Before you run off to organize a focus group, remember that people don’t typically recall these types of situations in the right spirit when asked formally. Stories and reactions like this come from observing, being out and about, placing yourself in various environments where your products would be used and may naturally be apart of subconsciously. If you’re really listening, you likely won’t have to do anything you don’t already do→ People will pour their hearts out directly to you or  through EXTRA LOUD conversations near you (it happens everyday- great stories aren’t whispered).

Natural observations are the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) driver- because you’re actually witnessing behaviors, reactions, emotions and the added value of your product, not just compiling data and drawing conclusions. Natural observation is research but in its greatest form (not just because it’s free but that’s a bonus). I say its “greatest form” because when someone isn’t trying to answer your question, isn’t thinking about what to say, isn’t trying to recall a situation…. they are simply GOLD MINES giving you better material than any advertising agency or copywriter could create.

I can’t make this stuff up! Reality is amusing, shocking and entertaining enough. Life happens and money gets made →Get you some!

~CTaylorGo for your Brand and Product Marketing Strategy Needs.

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