As I explained to my dad my idea to do a soft launch of my  blog, I inadvertently shared my previous fear of  my writing being hated and thought of as worthless. Well… BYE FEAR.

Erykah Badu once said “Keep in mind I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my sh@#”. She may have said it in a very clever way, irregardless, that statement resonated with a lot of people who turn their passion into a business. If passion is the driving force behind your start-up, a certain  level of sensitivity is expected, then again so is a certain level of professionalism. The real issue is INSENSITIVITY…

How sensitive is too sensitive when it comes to conducting business?

Excessive sensitivity has no place in business. No matter how many CARE BEARS you surround yourself with, it’s nothing but the truth when they say it’s a DOG EAT DOG world. Have emotions, yes! Be emotional, no! You absolutely CANNOT act upon overly-sensitive emotions in a professional environment and see tremendous growth in your business. The reason? At the end of the day it’s ONLY about business and you have to do what needs to be done in the interest of your company, not yourself.

(Business decisions are made considering financial, social, environmental  and political impacts while personal decisions are made based on emotions/selfishness/grudges)

Here are my overall thoughts:

  1. Understand that EVERYONE WILL NOT LOVE YOUR COMPANY, even when they are supposed to (they as in your target),  but this can be changed. It’s pretty simple- What are they saying and can your business provide a solution or attitude- changing response?
  2. Find the light! Use your sensitivity to create your story of triumph and forward progress. While I do not recommend acting out of sensitivity, I do fully support developing a human element to your brand in order to better relate to your audience. 
  3. Get help. Find an outlet! Negativity shall come and you’ll need a method to release (or temporarily suppress) it so that it does not affect your employees’ attitudes, your customers’ experience and your partnerships.
  4. Keep in mind sensitivity ≠ nervousness– so please do not use those words interchangeably. Be able to properly categorize your emotions so you can  understand how to properly deal with them. All in all, know your triggers and  determine if they will help you sink or swim.

A successful business or overly sensitive reactions? Pick wisely and remember, everyone can’t be Kanye West and achieve both.

~CTaylorGo for your Brand and Product Marketing Strategy Needs.

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