Today is January 9, 2017 and it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here. The purpose for me writing today?  To connect passions of mine. Marketing and connecting with people in through meaningful moments, hobbies, shared circumstances or future goals are things I care about deeply. These are the things that bring me joy professionally and personally.

  1. Over the past few months, I’ve been challenged at work, leading me to discover more about how I can create new avenues to express myself creatively. One of my dreams is to be “the commercial lady”- the woman that companies get excited about when I reach out to them with a new idea for their product or service. While I do write commercials in my spare time, I’ve channeled my methodologies for creating commercials that are a direct reflection of the wants and needs of an audience into a marketing consultation company- CliqStan. I’ve created marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, startups, non-profits and entrepreneurs, and now I’ll create custom creative strategies that fill in gaps focus groups and quantitative research leave unanswered.
  2. My other big project? This website connects people that feel sometimes distracted by the low bars society has created for life areas that were once held in a higher regard. How did this come about? Story time with my friends. Sometimes our own shame in ourselves or in each other led to 1 constant saying, “the bar is so low”. While we laughed about it for years, it became no laughing matter when we realized other people are having the same conversations and most of us fall back into those low bar moments because we can get by without that higher standard. So what are we doing? We’re lifting the bar, or raising the bar as it’s typically referred to.

I’m getting both projects off the ground. I’m blogging to track my successes and failures and share my best practices. Follow me as the advice that I can use to successfully market other companies is tested against my own dreams!


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